Overcoming Adversity

The Overcoming Adversity podcast discusses all things and people who have looked in the face of struggle and have come out on the other side.

Ep 26: The OA Podcast - Georgie Brooklyn

September 8th, 2020

Episode #26 is live and we've got a story for you.

This week's guest is George Bullock IV. George is now happily in recovery from a substance use disorder and leading a happy life but it wasn't always that way.

After the heartbreaking, and sudden, loss of his father and then his father-like Uncle, Bob, Georgie was left alone with his mother trying to figure out how to deal with the grief. 

George's story is emotional and riveting and, certainly, one a lot of people are going to relate to.

I suggest you listen closely. His message of hope is powerful. 

Enjoy Episode #26!


The Overcoming Adversity Podcast is hosted by Amanda Marino & Blake Cohen. It is sponsored by Next Level Recovery Associates.

George Bullock, this week's guest, is the Director of Business Development for Seacrest Recovery Center.

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