Overcoming Adversity

The Overcoming Adversity podcast discusses all things and people who have looked in the face of struggle and have come out on the other side.

Ep 27: The OA Podcast - Unfit to Beyond Fit Mother

October 2nd, 2020

Episode number 27 of the OA podcast is now live for your listening pleasure and we have a guest this week that just makes us smile!


This week, Felicia Kleinpeter of Imagine Recovery, fills us in on her adversity and explains what it's like going from being deemed an "unfit mother" to an inspiration to thousands!


Her story is jam packed with loss, pain, humility and, of course, overcoming adversity.


This special episode is one that we KNOW will tickle your brainwaves with inspiration and joy!


Please enjoy episode #27 of the Overcoming Adversity Podcast hosted by Amanda Marino and Blake Cohen!


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