Overcoming Adversity

The Overcoming Adversity podcast discusses all things and people who have looked in the face of struggle and have come out on the other side.

Ep 33: The OA Podcast - Take Care of Your Mother for Me

July 1st, 2021

Episode #33 is live and today's guest is the inspirational, Bonnie Mathews!

Bonnie's story dives deep into what it's like being addicted to a loved one's addiction. Bonnie is a therapist with decades of experience in the mental health and substance use field but she is also in recovery from codependency for three decades!

Bonnie tells the story of her mother's alcoholism, how she tried to save her, and how her father's words left a lasting impression on her.

OA listeners...Please help us welcome Bonnie Mathews to the show!

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